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Since 1986 Publicalco dedicates its activity to the decoration of articles in ceramics, porcelain and glass. More than 30 years of experience in Sports Merchandising endorse us as a company. We have Official Licenses from different Sports Clubs nationwide.

We manufacture products for the official stores of the Clubs both nationally and internationally.

The VITRIFIED DECORATION is a technique of high quality that allows us to give our products a long durability and resistance. Its cooking for ceramics and porcelain reaches 805º of temperature. As for glass, we reached 625 ° temperature.

The decoration allows us to reach any part of the piece, the bottom of a glass, the handle of a cup ... being able to offer thus, completely personalized articles and special productions.

Our products are ideal for:
- Business Gifts
- Promotion of events or events
- Advertising articles
- Souvenirs
- Sports Merchandising
- Brand Reinforcement



At Publicalco we take care of the whole process, from the design of the model, sample pieces, production, packaging (safely and resistant) to the delivery of the product completely finished

If you already have a design, no problem! ... we take care of adapting it to the piece to guarantee the best final result.

Latest News

Valencia CF Mugs

Four new models of Mugs in ceramics for the Valencia C.F are already available at official points of sale: Model "Amunt més que mai" with flag background, model Good morning Valencian! and the elegant "Amunt" Orange and Black models with the club's ...

Mug Valencia

Within our extensive range of ceramic products, we have just manufactured these cups for Valencia.

Word Pride Madrid

Pieces made for the 5th World Price Festival held in Madrid ​